“Music should strike from the heart of man, and bring tears from the eyes of a woman.”

~Ludwig Van Beethoven

I find that to be true to the bottom. There is always a perfect song for every occasion. There is always a music for every mood I am in. Well, the art of music is really splendid.

Music has always been one of man’s finest creation. The first time man-made sound, the purpose was to pave a way for better communication with his own people but as time advanced, they could develop an entire system, a perfect grammatical language that metabolized to the formation of one of the supreme civilization of recent times. The development of language was one of the very reasons that made people see through advancements and with it, many other healing abilities.

I always had a tough time getting back my peace of mind. I tried out distraction strategies but it never helped me out. Surprisingly, music helped me. I believe music is capable of changing one’s outlook like it did to me.
I tried out the amazing compositions of Hans Zimmer and Yiruma. I was astonished by the way it had affected my mind. Words cannot begin to express how deeply moved I felt. I was literally put in a trance. I felt a wave of cool pulse run through my entire being. Good music makes me cry with gratitude and elation. It made me question things to a spiritual level and serves as a powerful cue to recall emotional memories back into awareness. The joy that we get by listening to music may be momentary, but that depends on us on how we keep the little spark alive.
I have been able to concentrate better and work efficiently when I combine my work with binaural beats or ambient music and I believe this keeps me going.

Our music choice predicts our personality. If we take a glance at our top 15 favourite songs, we can get a fairly reliable prediction of our characteristic trait.

I have been trained in an instrument called Tabla. Playing the instrument brought me overwhelming joy and every time I would play the instrument with dedication, my mind would reach to a state of oblivion. The vibration against my hand felt supreme and the sound always provides me with transcendent bliss. It took me 4 years or so to understand the true meaning of rhythm. I later could conclude that everything in this interstellar space is set to rhythm.
Music has also taught me the beauty of literature. The most iconic artist I would be referring here is Bob Dylan. He phrases his lyric so perfectly that the meaning is rendered prominently and with profound resonance.
One of the most significant incidents which clearly explains the power of music is the 2014 Ukrainian Revolution. During the Euromaiden protests in Ukraine, a series of violent events took place involving police riots, protesters and unknown shooters in the capital, Kiev. An old piano was painted blue and yellow which signified the colour of the Ukrainian flag. The piano was dragged into the streets of Kiev in the midst of the demonstrations against the pro-Russian government. Ukrainian musicians defied the riot police by playing the piano. People gathered around the instrument, singing the anthem of Ukraine and other national songs. The piano became the symbol of revolution. Music alone was able to suppress the riots and the commotion caused in Kiev and was also able to unite people. When the piano was played by various people, a sense of solidarity and brotherhood prevailed among the citizens.

The “Piano Extremist”

Markiyan Matsekh plays the piano to riot police.

There are many such instances where the power of music is quite relevant; from USA’s (United Support Of Artists) “We Are The World” to John Lennon’s “Imagine”. If we dig deep into these songs, we find a strong message which the artists tried to depict and sugarcoated them in a beautiful melody.

I believe the world would have been more chaotic if music was nonexistent. I feel very fortunate to be born in this era where music is a therapeutic tool for everyone. If we ever feel sad, lonely, ecstatic, music will always be there to accompany us. Just let it play!

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