How to live a happy life: I am going to narrate one of the episodes that happened to me in the early months of 2017. I woke up in the middle of the night, completely drenched with sweat, heart racing uncontrollably and hands numb. I felt like completely pinned to the bed as I could not move a muscle. I just waited and prayed to God. I just hoped to fall asleep. That feeling made me believe that the end was near. I started to regret everything that I could not do or the things that I never confessed to people.


This continuous retrospection stopped me from getting a peaceful night’s sleep.


As usual, I woke up dizzy and tired in the morning, took a sleeping pill which would make me lose my senses for hours. This habit of taking sleeping pills continued almost every day and slowly got dependent and addicted.


My cardiologist advised me to wear a heart monitor for twenty-four hours so that they can monitor my sleep and my heart rate. Thankfully, I did not have any such ailment and my heart was just fine and healthy. But then why would I have to face such symptoms every day? Neither allopathy nor homoeopathy could cure me. They just managed to suppress the symptoms.


If the greatest of the great doctors could not cure me with their skills and knowledge, I believed that it was upon me to break off this manacle. Firstly, I started reading books, studied Camus and tried to grab every type of information that I could get. This did make me feel better but at the same time, I felt I was losing connection with my true self and this was not the answer I was seeking. I tried to soothe myself like this but forgot myself in the process. I felt completely detached from my soul and lost the sense of thinking and creativity. My behaviour slowly turned like as that of a meth-head.


From that day onwards, I started to work for my own betterment. I surfed the internet for ways of reconnecting to my conscious side. The only relevant thing that I found was meditation. I did not believe in the process of meditation but having no other choice I had to start. This was the time I slowly started discovering my own traits. I learned that I was too pre-occupied with my own sh*t and was too busy integrating myself to be a better person.

To be honest, it was very difficult just to close my eyes and focus on one primary thing.


My mental state was so unstable that it took me more than 20 minutes to just shut my unwanted thoughts from my brain. I found it really painful and difficult to just shut my eyes and concentrate. It took me more than a month to stabilise my mind.  After practising this powerful process for more than a month I slowly started to travel into my conscious being and slowly got on with my work.


Portrait by Lesya Poplavskaya


I learnt not to chase happiness. It is not possible for anyone to be happy all the time so there’s no use putting on an effort in it. Just look at this beautiful interstellar space. How could you like the bright stars and planets without experiencing the darkness around them? You just simply can’t.


One of my amazing mentors taught me a short pathway towards happiness is by thanking people for their any gesture of kindness and service. At first, I found it difficult to talk to people but now thanking and appreciating people for their consideration and a little gesture of kindness.


Also, I find it really very simple to just push out negative thoughts from my brain whenever I want to.

It’s the subtle art of breathing in and out.


Just breathe and focus on your feeling that you wish to discard off your brain. Once you start accumulating the negative energy, try to move it out as you breathe out. Believe that you are slowly pushing away the negative energy as you are breathing out. Yes, it’s definitely not possible at the first try but the continuous and gradual process will make you a master.


If you think you won’t be able to release anxiety off your nerves simply write or just scribble. It helps me tremendously.


Do you know what is the common aim of every human?

The aim is to “dance”.


Everyone in this world is so determined and focused in their own lives that they forget to “dance” through their lives. I don’t mean that determination and hard work is not important. Yes, it is but we should be aware of our limits. If we continue to struggle every phase of your life we would slowly lose our purpose and get demotivated. Nobody wants that to happen.


We are continuously striving and progressing towards our goal but are never satisfied. That’s a common human nature.

The more we get, the happier we are. The more we achieve, the more greedy we get.


I could say this is the hamartia of humankind. We grow up and we strive to complete high school. By the time we complete it, we get anxious to get into grad school.


We forget to enjoy every minute of our existence, to admire the person we love the most.

We forget to give importance to our family.


It’s okay perhaps as we are just “humans”.


Don’t worry, the song is still playing and it’s never too late to live the moment and appreciate “the dance”.


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